Our Promise

“Everyone has the right to adequate housing.”
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Article 25(1)

Whether renovating a building or starting construction of one, a need is transformed into an idea. These ideas become designs, which become plans and specifications, which leads to an assembly of systems working together to ensure all the needs are met: aesthetic, structural, economic, environmental. 

Every project, whether a massive skyscraper or a net zero energy houseboat, is the result of this process,  a complex and  challenging journey filled with the importance of getting the details right. 

We are Convoy Supply. And we live for that journey.

Durability. Focus. Consistency.

Convoy is partnered with a select group of manufacturers who share our commitment to quality and who are just as focused as we are on attention to detail. The value that we bring to our customers is magnified by our collaborative work with these best in class suppliers.

We build loyalty.

If you are a contracting company in a trade that impacts the building envelope, we are eager to earn your trust and your business. We really will work harder and faster and with more energy. We promise.

If you are an architect, a specification writer or a consultant to this industry, we can provide you with the technical and practical information you need to successfully complete your projects for your clients. Team Convoy makes it our priority to be good stewards of the products we supply.

Responsive. Flexible. Accurate. On Time.

Earning your business never ends. We want to impress you every time. We commit to being available when you need us, ready to respond to the moving details of every project, to listening carefully and showing up when promised. It’s just that simple.

Thank you for being a part of our strong history. Join us for an exciting future.

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