Wall Related Products

The sum of many different parts is what makes a thermally high-performing and protected building. Convoy carries all the products you need for comprehensive and superior wall systems.

Convoy is proud to partner with the following manufacturers.

Some of the manufacturers listed below may not be available at all locations. Contact your nearest Convoy Supply for more information.

Exterior Gypsum

Our sheathing products provide a fire-resistant, rigid substrate for water or air-resistive barrier systems in residential or commercial projects. Providing additional structural strength under a wide variety of facades, they also protect against moisture damage during the construction process.

Weather Resistive Air Barriers

For superior air and moisture management and energy efficiency, we carry a broad range of permeable and impermeable membranes to meet the needs of any building design.

Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete Forms, or ICFs, offer an energy-efficient and fire-resistant wall system with high levels of soundproofing. They are quick to install and can be configured for a variety of R-values for use in either below-grade or above-grade walls.

Thermal Spacers And Clips

For use in exterior insulated cladding systems, thermal spacers and clips help reduce thermal bridging, improve thermal performance, and increase effective R-values while minimizing wall thickness. Our adjustable clips also accommodate wall imperfections.

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