Low Slope

Convoy carries a full line of industry-leading products and systems for low slope applications including commercial, multi-family residential, industrial, and institutional projects. Our suppliers offer high performing products and service to back their commitment.

Convoy is proud to partner with the roofing manufacturers shown below. Some of the manufacturers listed may not be available at all locations. Contact your nearest Convoy Supply for more information.

SBS Modified

SBS modified solutions are highly durable, resistant to extreme weather conditions, and maintenance friendly. We carry a full range of products for hot or cold applications.


Single-ply roofing has a wealth of advantages, including being lightweight and well-suited for both new construction and retrofits. Our single-ply materials are high on performance and effective for your bottom line.

Built Up Roofing

For superior resistance to UV and weather protection we offer a range of built-up roofing assemblies to meet a variety of needs.

Green Roof Systems

Environmentally responsible and energy efficient, green roof products come in a variety of vegetative solutions ensuring spectacular results.

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