Career Paths

Our goal is to provide you with not just a job, but a career, to be a place where you can grow and develop and achieve your goals. We want this for everyone who walks through our doors to join Team Convoy, including you! Long term employees are enormously valuable to any company, and we recognize this because we we work alongside them every day, people who have spent decades building their careers here. Meet a few members of Team Convoy, and hear what they love about working here.

Love What You Do

Rick joined Team Convoy as our Branch Manager in Nanaimo in 1997. He progressed to managing two branches, then became Operations Manager for Vancouver Island, and eventually was promoted to his current roles as Regional Sales Manager – Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland.

Rick credits his career at Convoy to several factors, including loving the people he gets to work with (both colleagues and customers), having new challenges and opportunities every day, and that the company always offers opportunities to grow. He says Convoy allows you to be whoever you want to be; it’s your choice. His advice is to give everything you have at work, and then set it aside at the end of the day and enjoy. When you do that, and love what you do, every day is a great day. 


A headshot of a Convoy employee
A busy Convoy Supply show room

From Driver to Branch Manager

A headshot of a Convoy employee

Thomas lives by his mantra of “Never say ‘that’s not in my job description.’” He’s made a habit of always doing what needs doing, never shrugging something off as not his responsibility, and that’s why he’s been with Convoy for ten years now, where he started as a truck driver and just recently was promoted to Branch Manager for our Surrey branch. In his journey, he started driving trucks but became interested in shipping and receiving. This allowed him to eventually transition to Day Shift Yard Supervisor which led to a few special projects before finally becoming Operations Manager, his last step before his promotion to Branch Manager. 

He loves the culture at Convoy, how much everyone enjoys their time at work, and working for a company that really cares about its employees. He says he’s seen very few companies treat their employees as Convoy does, and he thinks it shows in the results we deliver.   

A Convoy Supply Warehouse

Want to Play Outside


Mark has advice for anyone who enjoys being outside and playing with big equipment: follow in his footsteps! He’s been with Convoy Supply since 2015 but has already made an impact. Mark had worked in the construction delivery and associated fields for nearly two decades. He saw Convoy’s trucks on the road and always felt they were well taken care of and up to date, so he applied for a position and was hired as a Crane Operator.

He says there’s a lot to like about being at Convoy: the atmosphere, the people, the challenges, plus good hours and a retirement plan. There’s also opportunity for advancement; his hard work, care, and respect for customer satisfaction led to a recent promotion to Operations Manager for his branch. 

Effort is Rewarded

Adam has a straightforward message for those thinking about joining Convoy: if you’re willing to put in the work to be successful, Convoy will be there to reward and recognize your efforts. He’s been with Team Convoy for over two decades, and he loves the company’s family atmosphere and support for career growth.

Like many members of our team, Adam’s career track is built upon his strengths and provides opportunities to use and grow his skills, a path that began back in 1995 as a newly certified Class 3 Convoy truck driver. His work ethic, desire to learn, and skill at relationship building led to a position as Warehouse Supervisor and then eventually to Account Manager, where he continues to develop many of the relationships he began as a driver.  

A headshot of a Convoy employee